Remodelling FAQ's

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding jewellery remodelling. If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us on (07) 5572 9009 to speak with one of our friendly team members.


Why do people remodel their jewellery?

Often we are asked the benefits of remodelling jewellery and why you should bother doing it. The biggest reason is that you get to keep any sentimental value that the original piece may hold. A lot of clients come to us with beautiful antique pieces that they have received due to a loved one passing. While the piece will often hold many memories and special meaning, sometimes it isn't a design that is practical to wear or maybe the design just doesn't suit our client.

By going down the remodelling route, you are able to keep any sentimental value and recreate it into a design that you can wear every day with pride. Another benefit is that it can bring the price down as opposed to making a new piece completely from scratch. You may already have the stones and we are able to trade the gold and put that towards the final cost. 


How long does the Jewellery Remodelling process take? 

This is all dependent on what you are wanting to remodel and how detailed the final design will be. We usually advise between 4-8 weeks and if your stones need to be polished this can sometimes require being sent away to specialist gem cutters which can add on an additional 1-2 weeks. After your initial consultation, we can usually give you a rough timeline.


Is remodelling jewellery expensive?

Once again this is dependent on what you are looking at getting done. The great thing about remodelling jewellery is that you will often already have the stones, which is usually the most expensive part of a piece. Essentially all you are paying for is the labour and expertise of the jeweller, the difference between the new gold and the old gold and any additional stones you are adding to the design. Remodelling is often much cheaper than creating a piece from scratch. 


I want to remodel my Jewellery but I can't decide on a design. Where can I get inspiration from?

Deciding on the design can sometimes be the most difficult part of the process. We recommend firstly visiting our Instagram page and "Before & After" gallery to see what we have done in the past for our clients. Pinterest is also a great place to feel inspired and we suggest creating a board with pictures of pieces that you like, or of pieces with elements that you like. The more direction that our designers can get, the easier the process will be.

If you have absolutely no idea however there is no need to panic. Our designers can give you multiple options and help you narrow things down. After all, this is what we do best. Also don't be concerned if you don't have your final design worked out after your first consultation. This can take time, and it's important to get it right. Sometimes multiple face-to-face meetings plus additional phone/email correspondence is needed. 


Can I use chipped or damaged stones?

If the stone is over 0.50ct and is slightly chipped or damaged then we may be able to get it polished and re-cut by our specialised Master Gem Cutters. If a stone is re-cut it will lose a portion of its size however we always do our best to keep it as close to the original size as possible. Please be aware that this means the stone sometimes needs to be sent out of state and this can add an additional 1-2 weeks onto the total design process. 

If the stones are very small in size or are extremely damaged it's often not financially viable to get them fixed. There can also be the risk of the stones breaking further if there is already too much damage. 


Can you re-use my gold? 

Yes and no. While we can re-use your original gold we wouldn't normally suggest doing this. When gold is melted down and re-used, there is a risk that the metal can become porous. This means that your final piece may be more fragile than if new gold had been used and they may be bumps and cracks. What we would suggest is that you trade your old gold against the cost of the new gold. This ensures that your old gold isn't wasted and it helps lower the cost for the overall design. 

We understand that sometimes the metal is just as sentimental as the stones and in these cases, we will do our best to use as much of the original metal as possible. If this is the case, we will have a discussion with you in your initial consultation about what this would mean for your piece. 


What can & can't you remodel?

We can remodel:

- Diamonds & Gemstones in relatively good condition

- Precious Metals i.e. (9ct, 14ct & 18ct Gold and Platinum - we often trade this off against the new metal)


We can't remodel:

- Sterling Silver, Plated Metals, Filled Metals, Non-Precious Metals i.e. Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel etc 

- Fashion Jewellery

- Porous/Fragile Stones

- Very Small Stones 


What are your most common jewellery remodelling options? 

Some of our most common jewellery remodels are;

1. Modernising an Existing Piece: Sometimes clients receive very antique pieces of jewellery which may not fit with their personal style. In this case, we can remodel them to have a more modern feel. 

2. Combining Family Heirlooms: This will often happen when a family member has passed along their jewellery collection and our client would like to remodel multiple pieces into one so that they can wear them every day. 

3. Splitting Up Family Heirlooms: We see this commonly occurring when a client would like to give their jewellery to multiple children or grandchildren and they will have multiple pieces made from one or two existing pieces. An example of this could be taking the stones from a Diamond trilogy ring, and creating three separate diamond necklaces to give to our clients three Grand-daughters.  

4. Combining an engagement ring, wedding ring and/or eternity ring into one design. This is often done for design, comfort and long-term wear. Wearing three rings on the same finger can sometimes be uncomfortable and annoying. They can rub against each other wearing down the edges and also spin around. While soldering rings together is a great option, sometimes our clients would like to get a bit more creative and combine their multiple rings into one big sparkler.