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Q Report Jewellery Insurance

There are many household items that are suited to home and contents insurance but what about your engagement ring which might be worth more than all of these items combined?

Does it even make sense that you would put your engagement ring on your home and contents insurance policy when you might not even be covered to wear it outside your home?

Well, this is the kind of problem that Q Report Jewellery Insurance was created to take care of.

How does this specialist insurance policy stack up against a typical home and contents policy?

With Q Report,

  • Your jewellery is covered both inside and outside your home  
  • 12 months worldwide cover  
  • Annual revaluation of your jewellery at no extra charge.  
  • If your ring is lost, stolen or damaged, you can return to your original jeweller, and not one selected by the insurance company.  
  • You can be covered immediately, before you’ve even left the jeweller.   
  • If you need to make a claim, and your ring has increased in value due to fluctuations in the market, Q report may pay up to 125% to cover that for you.  
  • Your jewellery is insured like-for-like, but Q Report goes beyond that. Their in-house experts are willing to assist you and your jeweller to source difficult to acquire gems and timepieces in the case of a loss.

Your typical Home Insurance policy may or may not provide such extensive coverage and features - you need to read the fine print.

It’s pretty clear though that if you don’t consider your engagement ring as just another household item, then what you need is specialist jewellery insurance.

And that’s what Q Report provide, for further information visit