Choosing the Right Earrings for your Face Shape

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Have you ever struggled to find the right pair of earrings to suit you perfectly? Your face shape & structure plays a major role in finding earrings to accentuate your natural beauty. Follow the tips below to select your perfect earing style.




Characteristics: Your face is widest at your cheekbones with a round chin line.

Tip: Drop or chandelier earrings are perfect to elongate and streamline your face. Avoid round or disc earrings which will make your face even rounder. 

Browse our earrings suitable for round face shapes here.



Characteristics: Your forehead may be slightly wider than your chin with a well-rounded jawline. 

Tip: A lucky face shape that is highly adaptable to almost any type of earring. Longer earrings or studs are very complimentary. 

Browse our earrings suitable for oval face shapes here.



Characteristics: The width of your forehead and jawline are similar, with your chin square or flat. 

Tip: Hoop, drop or rounded earrings are stunning and help balance out the angles on your face. Avoid square earrings as they add more width to your face.

 Browse our earrings suitable for round square shapes here.



Characteristics: Your face width is narrow but lengthy. 

Tip: Wear dangle earrings that are well rounded at the bottom to add curves to your face. All kinds of studs also look elegant! Avoid slim and super long earrings which emphasize the face length. 

Browse our earrings suitable for long face shapes here.



Characteristics: Your forehead is wider than the width of your jawline with your chin more pointed. 

Tip: Dangling earrings that are more rounded at the bottom will reduce the angles around your chin. Avoid slim drop earrings which focus attention on your chin.

Browse our earrings suitable for heart face shapes here.



Characteristics: Your cheekbones are wider than your forehead and chin.

Tip: All types of stud earrings work well with this face shape. 

Browse our earrings suitable for diamond face shapes here.








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