Caring for your Silver

Date Posted:15 July 2019 


Maintaining that silver shine is just a matter of routine care and cleaning. Follow these helpful tips to keep your sterling silver pieces looking as good as new! 


Polished silver can look fabulous and striking when it is kept clean but can be easily tarnished if not cared for properly. We recommend that your jewellery be the last thing you put on when you leave the house and the first thing to come off when you get home!  Follow these tips to keep your Sterling Silver pieces shining for longer. 

- Always gently wipe your jewellery clean after wearing to remove oils from your skin and makeup.

- Silver is usually suitable for everyday wear unless it is an intricate or fragile design, in this case only wear it on occasion. 

- Avoid scratching your jewellery by storing it in separate compartments within your jewellery box.

- Never wear your silver jewellery in the pool, spa or ocean as the chemicals and saltwater will tarnish your jewellery and this can be difficult to repair even with commercial cleaning polish. 

- Always put your earrings on after using hairspray or perfume to ensure they do not tarnish.

- If your silver does discolour, it may require a thorough professional clean to remove the tarnish. 

Silver can become tarnished from the natural oils in your skin

Oxidised Silver pieces can not be cleaned with silver dips and solutions


Oxidised silver is a great alternative for people who have highly acidic skin but still want to wear silver given the designs are already oxidised.

- It is best to clean oxidised silver with a soft cleaning cloth or for a deeper clean wash with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse the piece very well and then carefully dry with a cloth.

- You cannot use any form of silver dips or cleaning solutions on these pieces as it will remove the oxidisation and drastically change the look of your piece.

- If you do not have the appropriate cleaning materials we have specialised cleaning devices at My Jewellery Shop to help bring the shine back.



As tempting as it can be, we strongly discourage you from using any DIY solutions to clean your silver as most household items will tarnish the metal, even if it is already oxidised. Whilst you may see it work on certain pieces, not all silver contains the same mixture of alloys or quality elements. Therefore, what may work on one piece won't always work on another. Instead, consider purchasing one of our at-home cleaning kits with easy to follow instructions or bring your jewellery in store for our professional cleaning service.