Tom & Tash

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The Proposal


"Tom and I made the trip back home to Adelaide the weekend of our sixth anniversary. In what I thought was a casual walk along the beach with my sister, turned into the best day of our lives so far. To my complete surprise, as I walked around a little cove of our favourite beach, Tom was standing there, ring box in hand with a picnic platter and bottle of champagne perfectly set up.  What makes it even better is that anyone who knows me knows I am the hardest person to surprise but the many months of effort and white lies from Tom and my family paid off - it was everything we could've dreamed of and more!"

- Tash -






The Ring


A beautifully timeless oval solitaire engagement ring. The delicate polished yellow gold band and white gold claws cradle a dazzling oval cut diamond centre. This stunning ring will never date and can be easily matched with any wardrobe.

A great characteristic of oval-cut diamonds is that they often appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight due to their larger surface area. Due to the elongated length of the stone, it also makes the wearer's fingers look thinner and slender. 




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