Rhys & Holly

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The Proposal

"Rhys and I have been together for over 9 years. It was a Monday afternoon when he suggested we take our dog for a swim at the local creek - something we do most afternoon's. When we arrived, Rhys handed me a letter. The letter asked me to find a beautiful dress in the back of the car and make my way upstream to find Rhys and Frankie. When I arrived, Rhys had changed his own clothes and set up two beautiful rugs surrounded by a fairy light love heart. There was champagne, heart shaped candy, flowers and most importantly a beautiful MJS oval solitaire ring. How could I say no?"





The Ring

An extremely popular design at the moment, we are loving 9ct yellow gold oval solitaire engagement rings! As ovals are an elongated shape, rings featuring oval diamonds give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. Oval diamonds are a very durable cut as there are no sharp edges or corners so there is a smaller chance of hitting or getting the ring caught. An oval cut diamond has the perfect balance of elegance and durability.





The Design Process

With Rhys the entire design process was completed virtually over phone and email due to the couple living in far North Queensland. He contacted us with a ring style in mind and we helped him refine and tweak this to suit Holly perfectly. After the initial design was created and Rhys had selected the stone, we decided to change the claws from round claws to pear shaped claws. This not only slightly changes the look of the ring but pear shaped claws are longer and use more gold than round claws so they will hold the diamond in nice and securely.  





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