Luke & Cleo

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The Proposal

After nearly 9 years together, Luke thought it was time to ask Cleo to spend the rest of their lives together. Luke knew he wanted to create an incredibly specical moment for his incredibly special girl, so one afternoon he whisked Cleo down to their favourite beach spot. As the sun started to set, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, to which Cleo responded with a big yes! A passerby was kind enough to get inolved and take some happy snaps of the magical moment so that they would remember it for the rest of their lives.






The Ring

This spectacular engagement ring features a magical oval moonstone set in rose gold with diamond shoulder stones. This is enhanced with a rose gold diamond crown ring which hugs the centre stone perfectly. Moonstones are thought to be connected to the magic of the moon and are said to be an amulet of protection for travellers, a channel for prophecy and a path to wisdom. This magical ring is one that Cleo will treasure forever.





The Design Process

Luke came to My Jewellery Shop wanting to design a beautitful moonstone engagement ring for his lovely partner Cleo. Catherine worked with Luke over ... months and together they designed this breathtaking ring, focusing on the cut and shape of the moonstone. What makes this ring extra special is that there are actually two rings; the moonstone diamond ring and the diamond crown ring. Luke opted for two rings because he really wanted the WOW factor and a piece that Cleo would be blown away with.




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