David & Katelyn

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The Proposal

"Katie and I met in North Burleigh park 4 years ago, after both spending lots of time abroad we felt an immediate connection - some might say ‘love at first sight’. After many trips and building a business together I knew we could get through anything in life with high spirits and a smile on our faces. Katie grew up in Port Douglas and after 5 trips home I knew it was a special place for her. She’s always said she’d love to get married at St Mary’s by the sea one day, so I mustered up the courage and I asked for her dad's permission. I had grand plans to ask her on her favourite reef however the weather in Port Douglas is very unpredictable. The day before Christmas her whole family and I were heading out for lunch, so I took her down to the water's edge in front of her favourite park and asked her to marry me. Her family were there to witness one of the best days of the beginning of our next chapter. " 





The Ring

This stunning engagement ring features a sparkling pear-cut diamond centre, also known as a tear-drop diamond. The pear diamond is a unique cut that blends a marquise and round shape together. This means that it has a similar facet structure to a round diamond, ensuring optimal brilliance and sparkle. There is no right or wrong way to wear a pear-cut diamond and the point can either tip upwards or downwards, depending on the wearer's personal preference. 

This particular ring showcases a glimmering yellow gold claw-set diamond band, with white gold claws to enhance the whiteness of the centre stone. The design features three claws, one being a larger v-claw at the tip to protect the diamond. 






The Design Process

Working with David to design this gorgeous ring for Katelyn was a very easy process taking just under 8 weeks from start to finish. He came to us with a clear idea of shape, he knew he wanted a pear-cut but was open to ideas on how to then incorporate additional diamonds into the ring. Catherine and David decided on a more open design, choosing to add diamonds into the band instead of adding a diamond halo. This design allows the most light to hit the centre diamond, ensuring the most sparkle. The end result - an elegant and timeless ring that suits Katelyn's personality perfectly. 




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