Chris & Lena

Date Posted:12 June 2019 


The Proposal

With the perfect engagement ring safely tucked away in Chris's luggage, the couple jetted off to Auckland, New Zealand, with Lena unaware of the big moment to come. With the help of an events company, Chris was able to thoughtfully recreate their very first date and ask his best friend to marry him. Chris spent the day keeping Lena occupied and away from the location whilst the events team worked to create the perfect rooftop setting for the sunset proposal. Chris organised items and mementos that had great significance to their relationship; their special song played as the couple walked out, a restaurant ring from their first date and even the drinks they drank on that first date. 



"The proposal was very intimate and personal and could not have worked out any better"

- Chris -



The Ring

Fall in love with this magnificent and dazzling engagement ring. It features a stunning oval cut centre stone surrounded by a sparkling diamond halo. The brilliance of the diamonds is enhanced by the 18ct White Gold setting.


"The Beauty of an oval cut diamond ring is that it's more unique than a round brilliant cut yet still such a timeless design which will not go out of fashion. The elongated shape is complementary to the finger and it looks absolutely beautiful on. Complimenting the oval shape of the stone with a halo of tiny white diamond helps show off the natural beauty and sparkle. The white gold helps complement the whiteness of the diamond" - Catherine (My Jewellery Shop)




"Thank you to the My Jewellery Shop staff, particularly Catherine for her amazing customer service and dedication in assisting me to create the perfect engagement ring"

- Chris -



The Design Process

The design process began from the initial consultation between Chris and Catherine at My Jewellery Shop. Over the course of 2 months, Catherine worked with Chris to determine the most suitable time-frame, budget, and design. After finding a diamond with the right cut to ensure optimal sparkle and with some help from Lena's Pinterest page (unknown to her), they were able to create the perfect ring.


"Creating this engagement ring with Chris was such an enjoyable experience! Chris took great attention to detail and truly cared for every aspect of the design process. The combination of Chris's commitment to making the perfect ring and my experience in the jewellery industry worked together seamlessly to create the ring Lena would wear for the rest of her life" - Catherine




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