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The Proposal

"Brad and I met in 2017, for our 3 year anniversary he booked a surprise trip to Hamilton Island. On our second last day he organised a visit to Whitehaven Beach, I knew he was nervous about something as he had consumed an array of beverages! We had a little picnic on the beach and then he suggested we go for a walk. After what felt like a REALLY long walk, he diverted my attention away. The next thing I knew, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Brad on one knee holding a beautiful ring. He asked me to Marry him and of course I said YES!” " 





The Ring

This ring really has the wow factor and exudes elegance and grandeur. It displays maximum sparkle with the gorgeous oval centre stone, surrounded by a diamond halo and topped off with a diamond band. This is a ring that begs to be noticed. 

There has been a big increase in demand for two-tone engagement rings due to their bold look and versatility. Putting a refreshing twist on the modern single-tone engagement ring, it also allows the wearer to match their ring to multiple gold colours. Rose Gold and White Gold are a gorgeous combination as the whiteness of the White Gold highlights the diamonds and the Rose Gold incorporates a softer, more feminine feel. 






The Design Process

Brad and Catherine took their time in perfecting this exquisite ring and spent a few months sourcing the stone and choosing this elegant design. Brad knew that he wanted to have a dazzling oval centre stone and incorporate a scalloped design. The final look was not the only factor that needed to be considered however as the couple has a gorgeous little girl, so ensuring that the ring was as durable as possible for Rebecca who is a busy mum was extremely important.

Even COVID couldn't stop this amazing love story from unfolding and Brad was determined to plan the perfect proposal at Whitehaven Beach. It was all hands on deck at My Jewellery Shop to make sure this beauty was ready in time for the couple's magical moment. Fortunately, everything went to plan perfectly and Rebecca said YES!!!




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