The Stack: Engagement, Wedding & Eternity Rings

Date Posted:4 March 2022 

The Stack: Engagement, Wedding & Eternity Rings main image The Stack: Engagement, Wedding & Eternity Rings image

One of our favourite sights is a sparkling ring stack. Whether rose, white or yellow gold, we can't help but love the impact of a perfectly paired engagement, wedding and eternity ring set! 



Have you ever wondered which order to wear your rings? It is a query we regularly hear from clients, so we have gathered our knowledge to share all the answers to this frequently asked question!



Whilst engaged, it is tradition to wear your engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand, aka, your wedding finger. This practice stems from an ancient belief that your wedding finger holds a vein running directly to the heart. Whilst false, the custom remains and has stuck through the test of time. 


When you add a wedding band and eventually an eternity ring into the mix, it can become confusing knowing which order to wear them all in! These pieces represent a sentimental journey between you and your other half. Getting the order right isn't a must, but it does lend itself to a loving tradition shared for centuries. 


One, Two, Three

Once married, place your wedding ring first so that it sits at the base of your finger, closest to the heart. Pop the engagement ring on second, and if you eventually choose to add an eternity ring, place that on top. 


The Wedding Day

How you wear your engagement ring on your special day is entirely up to you! To avoid a clumsy changeover at the alter, many brides choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand to walk down the aisle. Some give the engagement ring to their spouse for safe-keeping on the day. Another option is to have a fabric compartment sewn into your dress, so you can safely store it close until it is time to pop on over your wedding band.


It is worth noting that every love story is unique, and couples should choose to do what feels right for them! Regardless of how many rings you wear, each represents a unifying promise of eternal, unbroken love. 


We hope this time-old wisdom helps you in wearing your precious pieces! 




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