The Best Jewellery Gifts this Christmas - 2021

The Best Jewellery Gifts this Christmas - 2021 main image The Best Jewellery Gifts this Christmas - 2021 image


1. Gold Hoops 

A simple yet sophisticated gift, hoops earrings are a must-have piece. Hoops are very versatile, and depending on the style of the hoop, there is a hoop design for every occasion and age. 

Image: White Gold 20mm Italian Hoop Earrings - $179.00
Image: 9ct Gold 20mm Italian Twisted Hoops - $159.95
Image: Najo Rose Plated Cayman Hoop Earrings - $119.00




2. Tree of Life

The tree of life represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. The intricate network of roots represents how a family expands and grows over generations. A tree of life 

Image: 9ct Gold Cz Tree of Life Pendant - $131.97
Image: Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings - $29.95
Image: Dreamtime 9ct Gold Diamond Tree of Life Pendant - $849.00




3. Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewellery, particularly pearl stud earrings, are one of the classiest and most versatile pieces you can own. Perfect to wear in the office or to add a hint of elegance for a special occasion. 

Image: 9ct Gold Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings - $299.00
Image: Sterling Silver 12mm Freshwater Pearl Studs - $139.00
Image: Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings - $54.95




4. Zodiac

Are you are looking for a more personalised gift? We have a beautiful range of silver and gold Zodiac jewellery . Shop all our zodiac jewellery here. 

Image: Sterling Silver Constellation Necklace - $59.00
Image: 9ct Gold Zodiac Bar Pendant - $649.95
Image: 9ct Gold Diamond Sagittarius Pendant - $199.50




5. Birthstone

For a more personal

Image: February - Palas Amethyst Bracelet - $24.00  
Image: July - Sterling Silver Ruby Cz Signet Ring - $59.00




6. Sparkly Drop Earrings

Hint: This is the perfect Christmas Eve gift, give a pair of sparkly earrings to your loved one so that they can wear them on Christmas Day!  

Image: Georgini Rose Plated Cz Drop Earrings - $83.30
Image: 9ct Yellow Gold Cz Drop Earrings - $269.40
Image: 9ct White Gold Diamond Set Drop Earrings - $824.25



7. Stacker Rings


Image: My Jewellery Shop
Image: My Jewellery Shop
Image: My Jewellery Shop




8. Diamond Pendant

 For those looking for that extra special gift this year, a sparkling diamond pendant could be just the thing. Spoil that special someone with a timeless diamond piece that they can treasure always. 

Image: 9ct White Gold Diamond Swirl Pendant - $674.25
Image: 9ct Rose Gold Diamond Bar Necklace - $475.00
Image: 9ct Gold Diamond Teadrop Pendant - $849.00




9. Initial Jewellery 


Image: My Jewellery Shop
Image: My Jewellery Shop
Image: My Jewellery Shop




10. Jewellery Cleaner

For that person who already has is the perfect gift this Christmas.  

Image: Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth - $24.95
Image: Connoisseurs Fine Jewellery Cleaner - $24.95
Image: Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik - $24.95