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Date Posted:12 March 2018 


Remaining close to our hearts for many years, NAJO Jewellery has quickly become a staff favourite here at My Jewellery Shop. As a long time stockist of the brand, we believe it is only fitting to share their story, filled with a rich history and 30-year legacy which distinctly defines their signature style.

For over three decades NAJO has grown into Australia’s leading sterling silver design house, inspired by Mexican origins to create both elegant and timeless collections. Their designs reflect the rich mosaic of life from a diversity of cultures, and many of these pieces are still handmade by artisan silversmiths today.


Founder and head designer of NAJO Silver Jewellery, Jo Tory. 

Founder and head designer of NAJO Silver Jewellery, Jo Tory. 

Thirty years ago Jo Tory was travelling her way through the vibrant country of Mexico, enthralled by its inescapable spirit and touched by its natural beauty and captivating energy. It was here Jo discovered that there was nothing more stunning than the way Mexico expressed its rich culture and ancient traditions through an exotic love affair with jewellery.

Along these travels an idea grew and blossomed into the entrepreneurial and creative expressions that have become synonymous with what is now known as the NAJO brand.

Every piece of NAJO jewellery is not only encapsulated by a journey of endless possibilities, but Jo’s passion to bring a sense of joy for wearers and loyal followers of the brand.

"We believe in individualism and the joy in expressing who you are. Our jewellery will weave its way into your consciousness and remain part of your story forever." Jo Tory, NAJO Founder
Najo Silver Jewellery La Tierra Collection Spring/Summer 2016.

Najo Silver Jewellery La Tierra Collection Spring/Summer 2016.


Through their signature jewellery design, NAJO create enduring, stylish pieces which transcend time and draw on cultures and travels from all corners of the globe. Of particular influence is a connection to NAJO's heritage; the master silversmiths of Mexico. Paired with traits of Danish modernism from legendary jeweller Georg Jensen, Jo and her team bring together core design ethos to produce Signature and Seasonal collections year after year. 

At the very heart of this success is consistency, reflected by quality products and a look that is distinctly NAJO.  Stemming from the essence of storytelling and an aesthetic which comprises clean, timeless lines, with sculptural shapes that defy trends, NAJO sees jewellery as a way for women to express themselves and tell their own personal story through individual style. 

"Women want to feel a synergy, a resonance with their choice so that it becomes part of their style story, and not dependent on trends. They want high quality, well-crafted, comfortable jewellery." Jo Tory, NAJO Founder


Bold, beautiful and timeless NAJO designs.

Bold, beautiful and timeless NAJO designs.

NAJO has been an iconic part of the My Jewellery Shop journey for over 16 years. From our very first days in the Stocklands Shopping Centre as Burleigh Showcase Jewellers to today where we proudly stock a range of new and signature designs. 

From beautiful statement pieces such as the Riveria bangle, Ovalados necklace, or Aurora earrings, to the more delicate style of the Mirada necklace and Rhoda ring, NAJO continues to be an elegant and sophisticated addition to the My Jewellery Shop family. Founding Owner, Catherine Pevy-Trewartha sees this as a reflection of the longstanding relationship between herself and Jo since they both started working in the beautiful world of jewellery many years ago. 

"Having grown up in the jewellery industry, I have been a keen supporter of Jo and the NAJO brand for nearly 30 years, and a proud retail partner for over 16 of those years. Holding similar values, respect for our trade, an insistence on exceptional quality, and of course an enthusiasm for timeless style, NAJO is a perfect match for our shop." Catherine Pevy-Trewartha, My Jewellery Shop

NAJO is a brand which is loved and adored by all of our team, and one that provides a beautiful collection of statement silver pieces which can be worn and treasured for a lifetime. Their broad range of classic designs are the perfect thoughtful gift and you will have no trouble finding something special as there truly is something to suit every style.

"It gives me the greatest pleasure to offer NAJO as my all time go to silver collection. I hope you enjoy wearing and gifting this beautiful brand as much as I do!" Catherine Pevy-Trewartha, My Jewellery Shop

As a long time partner of NAJO, we carry a beautiful range of current designs, core styles and exclusive pieces which you will not find anywhere else! It is a foundation of signature designs which make this elegant and polished jewellery a wonderful brand to showcase here at My Jewellery Shop.

Take a stroll through some of our favourite designs in the gallery below and discover our beautiful range of NAJO available online and in-store now.

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