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Date Posted:20 August 2019 

It is impossible to put into words how you feel when you try on your new diamond for the very first time. For a diamond is not just a stone, but a symbol of eternal love, beauty, hope and is often present in some of the most important moments of our lives. The young woman with a beaming smile as she unwraps her first diamond earrings on her 21st birthday. The young couple that shows their love through a diamond engagement ring with the promise of forever. The celebration of decades spent loving each other marked with a diamond on a 60th wedding anniversary. The woman who decides she is worthy of sparkling as much on the outside as the inside. The daughter who feels love whenever she glances at the family heirloom diamond pendant delicately reminding her of those that wore it before her. Diamonds make us feel special, a feeling we all deserve and an ALTR Created Diamond can make us sparkle with love and happiness.


Mined vs Created

So what is an ALTR Created Diamond? A created diamond is physically, optically and chemically identical to a mined diamond, both of which are composed of crystal carbon. The difference, however, lies not in what they are but how they are grown. Instead of being grown in the ground like a mined diamond, a created diamond is grown in a lab. To put it in basic terms, the diamonds are made by combining science and technology to recreate the natural conditions that form a diamond. They take a tiny piece of an existing type IIA diamond and proceed to grow this diamond 'seed' using a process called chemical vapor deposition, where crystals are formed layer by layer from hot plasma. This creates an ALTR rough diamond with all the natural properties of a mined diamond. This is then cut and polished to perfection, resulting in a superior diamond that is exceptionally beautiful and of higher quality.


Who are ALTR?

The masterminds behind these gorgeous stones have helped shape the diamond industry for over 75 years and have built a strong reputation for crafting diamonds. ALTR saw the potential and the necessity of embracing technological change and have successfully created the perfect pairing of technology and master craftsmanship. After 60 years of hard work and rigorous testing they have given us the gorgeous ALTR diamonds. My Jewellery Shop is proud to be partnering with ALTR to embark on this wonderful journey into the world of created diamonds. It is certainly creating a shift in the jewellery industry but one that will be necessary in the years to come.


“When presented with the opportunity to work with ALTR, I grabbed it by both hands and jumped right in. ALTR shares a passion for offering top quality diamond jewellery that is centered around romance and love. Personally, I would be proud to wear an ALTR diamond - Catherine Pevy-Trewartha, My Jewellery Shop ” My Jewellery Shop 


Guaranteed Quality

Appearances are important and the quality of a diamond matters. We have chosen to partner with ALTR diamonds because we know the quality is unparalleled. One advantage of growing a diamond in a lab compared to the natural environment is that the growing conditions are strictly monitored, tested and controlled. This means optimal growing conditions are achieved and a diamond as near as perfect as possible is born. Every ALTR created diamond is guaranteed to come with a type IIA certification, which is only given to the purest of diamonds. ALTR diamonds are graded with the exact same standards as mined diamonds and all carry GCAL certifications.


“With over 40 years experience in the jewellery industry, my clients trust me to offer them the very best. I am confident that including ALTR in our offering will ensure that everybody can enjoy the beauty of a diamond.” - Catherine Pevy-Trewartha, My Jewellery Shop. 


Environmental Benefits

We also feel it necessary to mention the difference created diamonds can have on the environment. Mined diamonds are a finite resource and are currently being dug out of the ground faster than mother nature can form them. This shouldn't be a surprise as a diamond can take anywhere from 1 billion - 3 billion years to form. With this mining comes a huge disruption to the local environment and 1,750 tons of earth has to be displaced to mine just 1.0ct of rough diamond. In contrast, ALTR diamonds are created above ground and have a substantially smaller carbon footprint. ALTR also own their own wind farms that generate the power to run the reactors that grow the diamonds.

Not only do the environmental benefits far outweigh those of a mined diamond but ethically speaking they are guaranteed to be conflict-free. Each diamond can be traced back to the point-of-origin, down to the specific lab where they were created. This transparency ensures that the beautiful diamond you love and adore is also guilt-free.


Value for Money

When the time comes for you to consider investing in a diamond it pays to include an ALTR diamond in the selection process. An ALTR diamond can be lower in price than a mined diamond, therefore, giving you the option to purchase either a larger diamond or a higher grade of diamond than you could normally afford. As women, it is in our DNA to desire the largest, brightest diamond and an ALTR diamond will make this dream possible.

ALTR Created Diamonds presents us with a fresh new way to enjoy the stunning gem we all know and love. With their superior design, greener outlook and value for money everyone has the opportunity to spoil themselves or a loved one. The future of diamonds is here and it sure is looking bright, you could even say it sparkles!

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