2021 Engagement Ring Trends

Date Posted:24 April 2021 



1. Solitaire

This year we're going back to the basics and we have already seen a lot of our clients opting for the timeless solitaire. A solitaire engagement ring is a design that only features one stone i.e. no halo or shoulder stones. With this type of design, you can spend less time, effort, and money on the setting and instead focus on finding the perfect feature diamond, in other words ... it's all about the diamond! 

The simple solitaire is a style that doesn't go out of fashion and looks simply stunning paired with a diamond wedding & anniversary band. 

Image: Yellow Gold Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring
Image: Rose & White Gold Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring
Image: White Gold Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring



2. Yellow Gold

Over the last decade, white gold has easily been the clear winner in the engagement ring space however this year yellow gold is really starting to outshine its white counterpart. We love yellow gold as it really adds a warmer, softer element to a design and is the one colour that never truly dates. 

We have also found a lot of clients are wanting to incorporate family heirloom pieces into their engagement rings and these are usually yellow gold.

This colour shift has not only been observed in engagement rings but also in fashion jewellery - gold plated pieces are very on-trend right now.


Image: Yellow Gold Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring
Image: Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring
Image: Yellow & White Gold Pear Engagement Ring with Round Shoulder Stones



3. Fancy Halo

A trend that we just adore here at My Jewellery Shop is the rise of the 'fancy halo'. No longer are we settling for the standard symmetrical halo which traditionally had the role of complementing the centre stone.

The 'fancy halo' has become a feature within itself and you can get super creative with using different stone sizes and shapes. A really popular choice is combining various-sized round and tapered baguette diamonds in a double halo. Two of our designs below feature this style; the Rose & White Gold Engagement Ring and the London Blue Topaz Engagement ring! 

The fancy halo is often a popular choice with those who love a vintage design. 


Image: Rose Gold Pear Tourmaline Engagement Ring with Double Fancy Diamond Halo
Image: Rose & White Diamond Engagement Ring with Fancy Double Halo
Image: Rose Gold Oval London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring with Fancy Double Diamond Halo



4. Coloured Stones

A Beautiful Blue Sapphire ... A Fiery Red Ruby ... A Pretty Pink Morganite ... A Deep Green Emerald

2021 is all about proudly celebrating our differences and what better way to stand out from the crowd than with a dazzling coloured gemstone engagement ring. With a diamond engagement ring, you are usually looking for the whitest and brightest diamond -  as little colour as possible. With coloured gemstones however, it's all about the colour. This is the time to let individual style truly shine and we love working with clients to choose a stone that really fits their partner's personality.

Coloured gemstones open up a world of possibility with design and look positively beautiful in a trilogy setting or surrounded by a sparkling diamond halo.

An engagement ring will usually be worn every day and it is important to note however that some coloured stones may not be as durable as others. Before selecting your stone, it is extremely important to do your research and talk to your jeweller about this as it will affect the longevity and care of the ring.

Image: Rose Gold Oval Aquamarine Vintage Engagement Ring
Image: Rose Gold Emerald & Diamond Matching Set
Image: Rose Gold Oval London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo



5. Lab-Grown Diamonds

One of the most exciting new developments in the jewellery industry is the rise of lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are man-made by simulating natural conditions and are identical in chemical, optical and physical composition as a mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds can be sourced found in all shapes, sizes, colours and clarities.

The great benefit of Lab-grown diamonds is that they are approximately 30% cheaper! So for example, if you were looking at a mid-range 0.80ct earth-grown diamond, you would be able to get a 1.00ct lab-grown for the same price. (This is a rough example and price differences will depend on the cut, colour, clarity and size of the diamonds)

 Want to learn more about Lab-grown diamonds? Visit our blog post here.

Image: Lab-Grown Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo and Shoulder Stones
Image: Lab-Grown Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring
Image: Lab-Grown Rose Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Vintage Ring



What do you think? Are there any engagement ring trends that you predict we will be seeing this year that we haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments below! 



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